The Vision

We bring a regenerating breath to advertising!

We are committed to changing the world! We are committed to bring to our business ethos and a universal value. We focus on people, their experiences and their feelings. We believe that it is necessary to change everything so as to give rebirth to advertising for today and for the future.

We change the way we think. We change the way we negotiate. We change the way we set goals, we change the goals themselves. We change the way we choose partners. We change the way we choose customers. We change the way we do business.


We work closely with selected Publishers and Media, that realize the need and opportunity of offering quality and reliable advertising inventory to the Market. We work closely with all Media and Publishers aiming to deliver the best execution of a friendly, meaningful and worthwhile advertising experience. For Online ads, for TV ads, for Radio ads, for Outdoor ads, we at humanads work to enhance brand favorability and premium quantity and quality of advertising inventory.


We work closely with the best global technologies and platforms for both Programmatic and managed environments. With humanads, we provide the Advertising Market with a fresh, innovative, sophisticated, effective, heart touching and measurable advertising proposition, across all Media and devices.


We, at humanads network, love working. We do love our partners, we do honor and love our customers and we undoubtedly we love people and life. We have many years of experience in advertising. We give our best every day to achieve excellent results, to strengthen humanads network, to offer the best level of services to our customers and partners, always committed to our vision of making the world a better place.


We, at humanads network, are looking forward and pursue long-term, stable and successful collaborations with our Partners (Publishers, Media, technology partners and our suppliers). We do appreciate them and work with love and dedication to their success. At humanads, our Partners’ success and happiness are central to our strategy and efforts.


We at humanads network, honor and love our customers. We love ad agencies and we truly love brands. We envision and work daily to create a sustainable circle of love. A powerful circle of love between us, our customers, the brands and the people. A successful humanads campaign is mostly based on this exact circle of love.

Social Imprint

We, at humanads, have decided to do things differently. We know well that the joy of giving is the greatest of all joys. For this reason, we decided that consistently and permanently whenever a humanads ad is being delivered, a positive social result will automatically occur. Constantly and uninterruptedly, the humanads network will donate 10% of its profit to selected Non-Profit Organizations in Greece, mainly focused on the support for the mental health and social strength for young people. We are committed to permanently offer our support to people and the natural environment.

Humanads & People

We, at humanads network, consider and believe that people’s time and attention are the most valuable parameter for the success in advertising. We bring people to the front of the attention. People’s time, attention and emotions are at the very center of humanads proposition. Through humanads, people (an online user, a TV viewer, a listener, a potential consumer) participates and instantly acquires a social role and getting emotionally involved. Thus, whenever a humanads ad is delivered, people are being informed that their attention and time spent to the ad has been transformed into love and support.

Humanads & Giving

We, at humanads network, provide everyone the opportunity to follow through our site, the humanads/giving. Everyone has the ability easily to learn how we implement our donations on a continuous basis. In addition to this, we encourage people to select the Non-Profit Organization or Action of their choice and let us know, each time, where they wish humanads to donate on their behalf.

Communication to People

We, at humanads network, in cooperation with our selected Partners, Publishers, Media and technologies, are working to ensure an ongoing communication with people. We aim to continuously deliver campaigns, informing people about what we are doing, the scope and goal of humanads network. We want to ensure maximum awareness, engagement, love and involvement for all humanads.

Our Highest Scope

We, at humanads network, are working to expand and strengthen our Organization for the empowerment of teenagers. We believe that everything can become better, if our children, young people, teenagers, realize the great mental power that we as humans have! We envision in our Schools, High Schools of our country, teenagers to be taught, with simple and pioneering ways to discover their unlimited human potential. We dream of a new lesson to teach teens through simple practices, how to expand their awareness, their consciousness, their mind capabilities and how they can develop a powerful, creative and positive life approach. We dream of a better and stronger young generation. A generation to transform and lead our country and the world to a brighter future.

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