The Story

Having my hand on heart and greatly moved, I can feel the moment when a life vision comes true. It is the moment I look forward to experiencing and sharing with you all.

Fellow travelers with most of you, we have quite early set out on the road to the world of the Media and advertising. It’s been a wonderful journey which for me started in 1990, when I was still in the first year at university. Endless hours of hard work, I recall, and tiredness but also lots of laughs and warm human relations. A network of peers roughly of the same age who began to build – unawares then – a new reality and in essence the new foundations of the advertising market. That was certainly an unripe, beautiful and at times rough period. Well, 32 years have passed and how quickly they’ve flown by!

I’ve grown, matured, saw a lot and learned a lot in a magnificently demanding and constantly changing environment. Looking back, in hindsight, I can now perceive how lucky I’ve been! How many wonderful people I have met and how many great challenges I have encountered.

In that period of early and perhaps unripe maturity, fundamental questions inevitably arose: What is the purpose of my coming into this world? Honestly, why do I exist? What do I wish to achieve? Who am I truly? Who do I want to be? What do I want my world to look like, and more what i do want for the world of advertising and Media that I so much love? Overall, how do I envision my life and the future of the humanity?

Now that I know who I truly am and what I really want to do, I seize this opportunity to tell you that through the great victories and the joys which our job provides but also through the serious concerns and the anxiety of the everyday business life, there are things which stand out. I singled out ideas and emotions that exist above but also within everything. Ideas and understandings that delineate a diverse perspective and a different perception of living and the world.

I singled out love as the fundamental universal and absolutely potent power. I singled out empathy and compassion as the supreme capabilities of human beings. I singled out gratitude and appreciation for the simple and everyday things in life. I came up with this sacred realization. I’ve realized that happiness is not momentary. That’s a myth! Happiness can be a continuous condition for humans, for all of us. Happiness is the outcome of love that exists and manifests itself everywhere, within everyone, in everything and in every way! Internally, purely and unimpededly.

Today, the 22th of February 2023, I feel so extremely happy to present you, the humanads!

This is a life vision manifested today. 

This is my love, expressed aiming to charge our hearts, our minds and change everything!

How I see humanads

We are the Advertising Network that places humans, in the very epicenter. We are the Advertising Network where love is the superpower. With Humanads, we manifest a new, transformational proposition for Advertising. Humanads become the mainspring for awakening, for development, for participation and for social regeneration.

We manifest the Advertising which, in people’s consciousness, is metamorphosed from ‘inescapable’ to ‘significant’. The Advertising which brings love to the fore. The Advertising which brings gratitude to the fore. The Advertising which grants awakening in the center stage. The Advertising which, for the very first time, says ‘thank you’ to all people and which appreciates their time, their interaction, their attention and their interest. With humanads, we ask people to get involved consistently with a good cause and become a part of the new transformational communication practice and ad experience. With humanads, we simply and powerfully transform people’s time and attention to ads, into love! With humanads, we offer our support to Non-Profit Organizations continuously and consistently. With humanads, we give always a 10% of our network profit, back to society. With humanads, we build a better ad experience, a better involvement, a better society, a better world.

Irini Sacha

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