The Process

Staying true to our commitment to bring an Authentic & Premium Programmatic Solution in the Digital Ecosystem, humanads campaigns will be solely based on high-impact & non-intrusive ad formats (that have been carefully picked based on various factors, including their end-user evaluation that took place during the “Advertising through Consumers’ Eyes” national survey (implemented by Focus Bari on December 2022).

We have partnered with acknowledged and award-winning global vendors (including Adform and Adnami) to provide a unique & effective Programmatic offering that gets 100% of the user attention by enabling impactful, rich-media creatives on a targeted, uncluttered, brand-safe digital environment.

Publishers is a significant part of humanads. We work closely together with renowned Media Groups in order to make sure that each website (including specific pages, ad placements, context, etc.) that participate in our network is the right fit for our ad formats and Programmatic offering in general.

humanads campaigns rely on 2 different buying methods:

  • Managed Service: Acrossmedia241 undertakes the creation, optimization and full delivery of each campaign
  • Programmatic Deals: We create numerous deals (to cover different needs & match specific goals) for the most popular Trading Desks/DSPs.

All our ad campaigns will be distinguished by the humanads heart icon. A heart that represents the love & aid that is conveyed with each & every impression (of the end-user) to the Non-Profit Organizations that we support.

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