humanads is Grand Sponsor of Programmatic Advertising Conference 2023

humanads is Grand Sponsor of Programmatic Advertising Conference 2023 1200 675 humanads

humanads is thrilled to announce its grand sponsorship of the highly anticipated ‘Programmatic Advertising Conference 2023’, set to take place on Thursday, 6 July 2023 @ OTEAcademy Amphitheatre.

In its 9th edition, the Programmatic Advertising Conference returns as a live, in-person event. It will provide key updates and information on all latest trends and best practices, in order to assist marketers, agencies and publishers in further developing and enhancing their Programmatic strategies within the context of emerging major opportunities and changes in evolving business models.

During the event, Irini Sacha (founder of humanads) had the chance to present her vision for a better Advertising Ecosystem for all stakeholders, based on Premiumness, Brand Safety & Social responsibility.

Unleashing the Power of humanads: Dove & Initiative Lead the Way!

Unleashing the Power of humanads: Dove & Initiative Lead the Way! 1200 675 humanads

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from the forefront of advertising innovation! Dove, in partnership with Initiative, is making a remarkable impact through the launch of the first-ever humanads campaign!

With a strong emphasis on innovation and social consciousness, Dove has consistently stood out as a brand that values communication beyond traditional boundaries. Now, as part of the humanads network, Dove aims to redefine the value and acceptance of online advertising for both brands and people.

In this media-first humanads campaign, running from May 26th to June 25th, Dove is being promoted through premium, non-intrusive, and exclusive ad formats & placements on popular GR websites, owned & operated by leading media groups (Alter Ego, DPG Digital Media Group).

Still, what sets humanads apart is its commitment to social impact. As an integral part of this (and any other humanads) campaign, 10% of the revenue coming from the execution & management of the campaign will be allocated by Acrossmedia241 to selected NPOs announced on thehumanads.com. Moreover, using our website poll, the users exposed to the Dove-humanads campaign will have the opportunity to choose the NPO(s) they wish to support, by giving their time and attention to this specific ad.

It is worth noting that each humanads campaign is marked by the distinctive heart-spiral symbol, prominently displayed within the ads, inviting users to learn more and actively engage.

Join the movement and be part of this transformative advertising experience that combines innovation, social impact, and user involvement. Let’s make a difference together!

Together, let’s harness the power of humanads to create a better world!

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