The network for a better world

We are committed to changing the world!

We focus on people, their experiences, their opinions and their feelings.

We believe that it is necessary to transform everything so we give a new meaning to advertising for today and for the future.

We change the way we think, we change the way we do business.

We bring to advertising a fresh air and a regenerating power!

Advertisement in Greece: National Survey on User Perception & Behavior

Explore the interesting findings of a nation-wide survey – designed & funded by Acrossmedia241 and executed by Focus Bari – that took place on December 2022.

How We See…

Our Network

  • A holistic approach for the brand communication and the entire Media and Advertising ecosystem.

  • A unified advertising solution that provides the higher quality of advertising inventory in all Media, guarantees results and creates positive transformational experiences.

  • A measurable solution, which is transparent to all parties and delivers excellence, across all Media, all screens and all devices.

  • Advertising in all Media. Advertising that achieves its goals. Advertising that causes an emotional involvement. Advertising that creates a social imprint. Advertising that changes the world.

  • A network that utilizes the most advanced advertising technologies. A network that connects people and Media, with the advertising ecosystem in a new powerful and transformational way. A network that creates measurable added value to all parties. To its partners, to its customers and to the world.

The World

  • We want people to live happily and manifest their life purposes. Their own and significant life purposes.

  • We want people to live in harmony with their values. We want people to feel balanced and strong.

  • We want people to live, act and think “out of the box”. We want people become Innovators and start working on making the world a better place.

  • We want people to be socially, ecologically and spiritually active. We want people to live fulfilled lives with compassion and love for themselves and for the world.

  • We want people showing noble characters. People to live, grow and expand based on fundamental human values like honesty, generosity, compassion and courage.

Ad Tech

We provide the most innovative, sophisticated, effective, heart touching and measurable advertising solutions, across all Media and devices.

Social Imprint

The humanads network will donate 10% of its profit to selected Non-Profit Organizations in Greece.

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